We are committed to grow with YOUR BUSINESS

We treasure every single customer, regardless the scale of business or the quantity of their order; we just deliver the best quality services and on time delivery.

Due to the rapid development of Chinese economy and the booming Sino-US trade, we are very positive about the future of the industry and will adopt proactive approach when growing our business. In early 2005, we set up our own factories of over fourty thousand square meters in Changzhou and Jiangxi Separately, China, with more than 1,500 workers for the production of both knit items and woven items.

We have strong production and resource support from China, together with our well-structured organization and international management skills, we have full confidence in providing you, our prestigious customers, the most competitive price in the shortest possible time.


Established In: 2005
Programs Offered: CMT/Full Package

Our products cover all kinds of children's wear, as well as ladies' and men's wear. We are keen to expand our product range to all other kind of garment items. In each of the categories, we can offer you unique services in the following categories: